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In this page you will find the names of the winners of the 2016 edition of the Corporate Art Awards.



1) Deutsche Bank - Award for "the best Corporate Collection" (ex-aequo)

1) Intesa San Paolo - Award for "the best Corporate Collection" (ex-aequo)

2) American Express - Award for the "the best international restoration programme: World's Monument Watch"

3) Shiseido - Award for "the oldest art gallery still operating in Japan"



Clyde & Co - Award for "the best Art Award programme"

FAO - Award for "the best interpretation of the institutional mission through the works of non-OECD artists"

Fondazione Piaggio - Award for "the best involvement of stakeholders through social media"

ING - Award for "the most diversified and alive Group Collection"

       - Award for "the best art-based employees' involvement program"

OSRAM - Award for "the best Art Award programme related to the company's business"

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation - Award for "the best philanthropic programme to promote Russian Art globally"

Special Mentions


ARCO Foundation - Special Mention for "the promotion, research and dissemination of contemporary art"

Renault Art Collection - Special Mention for "the development of an active cooperation between pioneering artists and a pioneering company"

la Caixa - Special Mention for "promoting awareness and bringing contemporary art to the public"

Banca Sistema - Special Mention for "enhancing the creative talent of Italian emerging artists"

Campari - Special Mention for "interactive and multimedia museum dedicated to the brand"

Generali - Special Mention for "the educational value of the archaeological collection"

IKEA - Special Mention for "the environmental value of the artistic project"

Lavazza - Special Mention for "the best interpretation of corporate values through artistic photography"

Metroweb - Special Mention for "innovative art project and urban design"

AXA ART - Special Mention for "the most comprehensive offer of art-related professional services"

Gruppo Cimbali - Special Mention for "global photo campaign and exhibition to support the brand's top product - Faema Express Your Art"

Martini & Rossi - Special Mention for "the association of Art with glamour, beauty and joie de vivre"

Museo Ferragamo - Special Mention for "the diversity of Corporate Art projects involving world-class international Artists" 

Fintecna - Special Mention for "recovering the values of Art-Business relationships in the '50s in Italy"

Maimeri - Special Mention for "the most differentiated range of Art-related projects over the past 20 years"

Coca-Cola Foundation - Special Mention for "its role in the education and promotion of Contemporary Art in Spain"

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