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- €75,000 for the 2 winners -


Deadline - July 17th, 2019

For more info, please download the project brief here 

or contact us at



We are pleased to inform you that AdR (Aeroporti di Roma - the company managing the Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome) has launched a call for marble artists to pay tribute to the great genius of Leonardo in memory of the 500-year anniversary of his death.


Please find attached a detailed brief. The key facts and information are summarized below:

  • The total project budget is €620,000 for the creation of 6 marble sculptures to be placed in the halls of the “Leonardo Da Vinci” Rome airport (“Molo E” and Terminal 3). The sculptures must be inspired by the works of Leonardo.

  • €75,000 for the two winning artists, one in the “junior” category and one in the “over” category

  • €15,000 for second and third place in each category, “junior” and “over”, for a total of 4 winners

  • The remaining budget is earmarked to reimburse the purchase and delivery of the marble blocks, the living allowance and logistics for the artists, etc.


Draft proposals must be submitted no later than July 17th 2019.

We strongly recommend to apply at least one week before the deadline in order to comply with the Italian regulation for public procurement.


If you are interested in submitting a proposal, feel free to contact us at

The project brief can be downloaded here.

The website for the formal application is available at the following link (in Italian). You can download the application package in English here: Architectural Context, Attachment 1, Finalization and Environment. Please note that, in case of discrepancy between the Italian and English versions of the application package, the Italian versions shall prevail.

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