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J O I N   O U R   P O O L   O F   A R T I S T S

If you are an established artist or architect, with a proven track record of projects, you can join our pool of artists by filling the quick form below. Based on qualifications and past projects, all applications will be reviewed by our team of experts. Once approved, you will be registered into our database and will be regularly informed by email about our corporate clients’ projects.


If you are interested in working on one of the projects, you can submit your proposal within the specified deadlines. All proposals will be presented to the client who will make the final decision. The selected proposal will be awarded the contract.


Projects can be in several fields (paintings, sculptures, interior design, lighting, art advisory, etc.) and generally comprise one or more of the following categories:

- Project description

- Available budget

- Timing and deadlines

- Terms and conditions


Joining our pool of artists and exhibiting in our galleries is free. It is a great opportunity to widen your portfolio, gain additional visibility and access new contracts.


Please have a look at our manifesto and fill the quick form on the right side. Acceptance of the manifesto is mandatory for participation into corporate projects.







Feel free to contact us, should you need additional information.


We look forward to having your expertise on board soon !

Please download our Manifesto here

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For more info, please contact:

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