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C O R P O R A T E   A R T   A W A R D S


Rome - 22nd, November 2017

The Corporate Art Awards trophies


The Corporate Art Awards trophy is a reproduction of the central element of pptArt manifesto artwork "One and Three Logos".
pptArt aesthetics, historical references and main messages are summarized in its manifesto “One and three logos”, a threefold representation of a company logo. 
The key message is that the corporate world, in its formal and conceptual representation, can be the object of a work of art.

Despite the apparent simplicity and minimalism of the triptych, this work is a powerful précis of the pptArt message. At the same time, it pays tribute to its historical precursors in suprematism and conceptual art: the tryptical structure is a reference to Kosuth’s “One and three chairs” while the central element is a reference to Malevich’s “Black square on white ground”.

The word “logos” in the title is also to be interpreted in the ancient Greek meaning as a principle of order and knowledge. This refers to the intrinsic nature of the corporate world as the product of the rational mind to reestablish an order in the chaos of the markets and the human needs.

The artwork  "One and Three Logos" opened the exhibition "Corporate Art" to the GNAM - National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome in 2015.

The Institutional Art Awards trophies


The Institutional Art Awards trophies have been created by Anniketyni Madian, a Malaysian born Sculptor who started her art career in 2008. She loves working with a variety of woods & it’s the main element in most of the sculptures she creates. Her attention to detail and finishing is where she spends the majority of her time in her creations, perfecting every detail.

Thoughts & ideas behind many of Anniketyni’s sculptures are taken from drawings & the Pua Kumbu textiles of native Sarawak. Incorporating traditional designs & patterns with her own modern interpretation, Anniketyni’s sculptures take on a life of their own.

Deep within Anniketyni’s heritage, the Pua Kumbu textiles of the native Sarawak, woven by Dayak woman are incorporated in many lifecycles rituals and special events including child birth, coming of age ceremonies all the way to burials. By weaving Pua Kumbu it represents a deeply spiritual & socio-religious undertaking. It’s considered a sacred activity mandatory for all Iban women & establishes womanhood & value in a society that links spirituality into all aspects of daily life.

By using Pua Kumbu designs as a starting point in many of her sculptures, a strong Sarawakian flavour shines through Anniketyni’s works.

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