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For more than 20 years Enel has been committed to the valorization of the cultural heritage and prestigious venues through investments in artistic lighting With over 1300 project all over the world, Enel is a world leader in the perpetuation and care of the cultural heritage giving new life to the landmarks and monuments. Enel’s commitment to the artistic lighting opened new ways of connecting culture and innovation displaying new light on the historical centers of towns, on the monuments, museums and numerous attractions and symbols of art and culture. As a world leader in the area of both public and artistic lighting Enel serves over 3,500 customers in Italy, which means 2,100,000 lighting points and 50% of the national market. Enel’s commercial offer opens new opportunities for the cultural institutions to partner with companies and municipalities and new ways to promote the culture and art, thanks to energy efficiency solutions and savings. In line with Enel’s Open Power philosophy, Light for art means:. 1. Open Power to a more expressive culture With the Light for Art project and permanent or temporary light installations Enel has contributed to resurrection of places of high interest and attraction, giving them new cultural expression and making them appealing to broader audiences. 2. Open Power to the new technologies to enable flexible and sustainable installations All Enel’s installations meet the highest requirements of quality and safety thanks to the use of the cutting edge equipment and smart management of light and energy. 3. Open Power to give opportunity to the people to visit museums, churches, town centers, palaces and cultural events. The use of sustainable lighting technologies means energy saving and opportunities of new revenues which can be invested in the access to the cultural attraction. 4. Open Power to experiments Illuminating cultural attractions turns into new opportunities of combining lights, sound design and interactive installations to create new experience for the visitors. 5. Open Power to new partnerships, and build a network of projects to promote collaboration for the research and development of technologies, together. ENEL (International) Go to the website of Enel Sole
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