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C O R P O R A T E   A R T   A W A R D S   2 0 1 7


Rome - November 22nd, 2017 


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Corporate Art Awards


The Corporate Art Awards® aim to enforce visibility, recognition and reputation for the best practices in the collaboration between the Corporate world and the Art world.


We believe that Art is the ultimate expression of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Companies that are actively involved in the Art world tend to be successful in terms of profitability and seem to have overcome most ethical, environmental and social challenges.


Art & Business


Art for the Corporate World is much more than a mere financial investment:

  • Art stimulates employee engagement

  • Companies can generate a Creative Environment with Art-based Education Programs

  • Artists have a huge potential as creative service providers in the field of marketing, communication and brand

  • Investing in the renovation of Public Art is a key element to be a “good citizen” in the local community

  • Corporate Art collections can Generate Good Publicity and create a positive brand image

The 2016 edition


  • 80+ companies participating from 22 countries in 5 continents


  • Extensive international press reviews

  • An intense two-day event in Rome, with:

    • the official award ceremony at the Italian Ministry of Culture

    • the gala dinner at Casina Valadier, with the best panoramic view over Rome by night

    • 2 visits to Generali’s and ABI’s Corporate collections

    • 20 presentations from the Awards participants

The Award Categories


To apply for the Corporate Art Awards®, projects and collaborations can be submitted in the following categories:


  • Corporate Art Collections and/or Corporate Museums

  • Art bonus / Public Art (refurbishment and renovation of public Art and monuments)

  • Corporate Art projects (involvement of artists, directly or through creative agencies, for corporate processes such as marketing, celebrations, events, etc.)

  • Art as financial investment (works of art in the company assets)

  • Collaborations with museums and with Art Academies

  • Art Prizes

  • Art benefits for employees (discounts for museum tickets, financial support/loans for art purchasing, etc.)

  • Art-based management training/education

  • Internal communications (artistic stationery, screensavers, gadgets, images for internal publications and posters, etc.)

  • Décor (artworks to decorate boardrooms, offices and public spaces)

  • Art-related services included in your commercial offer (only if applicable)

The ceremony


The 2016 Corporate Art Awards® award ceremony was held on:
November 23rd

Italian Ministry of Culture Sala Spadolini - Via del Collegio Romano, 27 

Gala Dinner at Casina Valadier


Novembre 24th

ABI (Italian Banking Association) Sala Verde, Palazzo Altieri - Piazza del Gesù, 49 

The Award

The award will be an art piece.

The Scientific Committee


All proposals will be reviewed by the members of the Corporate Art Awards® committee.

The scientific committee of the 2017 edition is available here.

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