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O U R   S E R V I C E S   F O R   C O R P O R A T E   C L I E N T S


pptArt offers bespoke art-based consulting services to corporations and individuals. Working directly with clients, pptArt provides all the consultancy and logistical services required to turn corporate and personal vision into creative two- or three-dimensional reality.


A typical pptArt product consists of the creative representation of a company’s soul, DNA and ultimate personality. In management terms, it is a visual statement of the company’s positive role in the world and society.

Artistic Tombstones


Traditionally, the successful closing of a business deal is celebrated with a tombstone, a customized shining trinket to mark and commemorate the transaction with the managers that contributed to its success.


pptArt believes that landmark deals and substantial achievements deserve more than just a Plexiglas gadget.

A work of art, in the form of a sculpture or a painting, represents a more suitable and elegant celebratory option.


Don’t miss this opportunity for a worthy celebration.

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or download our brochure on "Artistic Tombstones"


Read our article on "Art and M&A" published on the "M&A Community" magazine.

Art & Renewables


Make your Wind Farm stand out from the crowd.


pptArt can turn your Wind Farm into an open-air museum of Land Art, fully integrated with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.


Sculptures, lights and colours can transform wind turbines into artworks and improve the environmental impact of your installation.


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or download our brochure on "Art & Renewables"

When Packaging becomes Art


Packaging has long been more than a simple container or wrapper for a product.

With pptArt you can now enrich your packaging beyond graphic design.

Based on your guidelines and specifications, our pool of over 2000 qualified international artists is ready to interpret your packaging design evolution with the diversity

of their styles and concepts.


Their artistic proposals can become an active tool to involve your clients

in the selection of the best design through a social media campaign.


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or download our brochure "When Packaging becomes Art"


Read our article on "Art and Packaging" on "Packaging Europe"

Artistic Logos / Corporate Identity


What better way of decorating your offices and board rooms with artistic interpretations of your company logo?


Enhance your Corporate Identity with a consistent visual reelaboration of your values and strategy.


When style, beauty and elegance meet Corporate Values...


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or download our "Artistic Logos" brochure

Corporate Social Responsibility


Art is a universal language that inspires positive change, eliminates barriers and eases communication. Art motivates and unites individuals and organizations towards a common dream - a better world and society.


Their diversity of styles and conceptual approachesof our 2000+ artists from 70 countries can interpret such ideals and values as freedom, equality, social progress, improved standards of life, environmental protection, etc.


An inclusive participatory approach involving all stakeholders is at the heart of our creative process. The bespoke artistic proposals  will engage all stakeholders in the selection of the most representative work of art. A social media campaign can also be implemented to reach out to a wider audience. 


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Corporate Art Events


Unique events in some of the most extraordinary places.
Companies and institutions can link their image to the world of Culture with bespoke Artistic themes, carefully chosen by our Art Advisors to enhance their Corporate Identity.


Beautiful locations for events of Corporate Hospitality: meetings with clients, launch of new products, conferences, lectures, solidarity events, tastings, etc.


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Art-based Executive Education


What is the value-creation potential of the arts?


Get inspired by this thought-provoking seminar based on Luca Desiata’s course at Luiss Business School in Rome.

A fascinating journey into the inspirational benefits of the collaboration between the artistic creativity and the business world.


Also available as a key-note speech for corporate events.


--> Check the LUISS Business School website or download our brochure

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