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The Corporate Art Rating (CAR) is the only sustainability rating in the world focusing on Art.

It is based on the assumption that Art is the ultimate expression of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Companies that are actively involved in the Art world tend to be successful in terms of profitability

and have overcome most ethical, environmental and social challenges.

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The CAR assesses the quality of Corporate Art projects in the following fields:

Structural projects:

  • Corporate Art Collections

  • Art Museums

  • Art Prizes


  • Involvement of artists in corporate processes such as marketing, celebrations, events, etc.

  • Collaborations with museums and with Art Academies

Other projects:

  • Restoration of public Art and monuments

  • Corporate Museums

  • Art as financial investment (works of art in the company assets)

  • Art benefits for employees (discounts for museum tickets, financial support/loans for art purchasing, etc.)

  • Art-based management training and education

  • Artworks for the decoration of offices and public spaces)

  • Other Art projects



pptArt’s final evaluations are expressed with nine different Standard Corporate Art Rating classes: A+; A; A-; B+; B; B-; C+; C; C-


  • “A” level or above, indicates an active involvement with the art world with several good-quality projects at international level.

  • B” level indicates several good quality projects at national or local level.


  • “C” level indicates sporadic art projects in the past years with limited plans in the near future



pptArt’s certification process ranks the Corporate Art projects according to the

CPQR criteria:



Permanent and regular initiatives (e.g.: museums, art collections) are ranked higher than one-off projects.



Passion of the managers and openness of the initiatives to the public are key criteria.



Not all art initiatives are the same…



International projects are ranked higher than national or local initiatives as they show the full power of art as a global language.

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