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Fondazione Ermanno Casoli (FEC) was established in 2007 in Fabriano (AN) to honor Elica’s founder memory; Elica is a world leader company that produces household hoods and is FEC main supporter. It has always been committed in creating and promoting projects that make business meet contemporary art. In every activity, FEC is a mediator that guarantees full freedom of expression and autonomy to artists, as well as consistency and compatibility with the business needs and goals. FEC pioneered in investigating the art-business dialogue potential, and is a reference cutting-edge model in Italy for training managers through contemporary art. It plans more and more structured and specialized activities, such as the E-straordinario program and the Ermanno Casoli Award – in collaboration with business training companies. Artists enter the very core of businesses and become pivotal to the educational path, by dialoguing with employees during workshops and activities that foster creativity and innovation. - - - Picture: A shot from the workshop Vitriol, Ermanno Casoli Award, 2016 FONDAZIONE ERMANNO CASOLI (Italy) Go to the website of Fondazione Casoli
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