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O U R   S E R V I C E S   F O R   C O R P O R A T E   C L I E N T S

"Bringing art to every office”



pptArt offers bespoke art-based consulting services to corporations and individual professionals. Working directly with clients, pptArt provides all the consultancy and logistical services required to turn corporate and personal vision into creative two- or three-dimensional reality. A typical pptArt product consists of the creative representation of a company’s soul, DNA and ultimate personality. In management terms, it is a visual statement of the company’s positive role in the world and society.


Our services include:

- Traditional corporate art products and services. Works of art to celebrate a particular moment of corporate life

- Interior design and lighting

- Corporate portraits. A visual representation of the corporate DNA

- Residential art projects. Artists integrated in a company's creative team

- Professional portraits. Professional lives can be the object of art

- Art-based executive education and coaching

- Conceptual works


pptArt is a contemporary art movement founded by a group of international MBAs in collaboration with Italian artists. It aims at rectifying a distorted and simplistic perception of the complexity of the Corporate World in order to promote the positive role of business in today’s society. The pptArt name refers to PowerPoint, the symbolic and abstract language developed by the corporate world which has become a universal and highly symbolic communication system beyond cultures and borders.

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