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The Corporate Art Awards have launched a Communication Campaign 

to increase the visibility for your collaboration with the Art World:

Internal Communication

The Corporate Art Awards website is ready for the social media campaign. The most-liked project will be awarded with the Corporate Art Award for the best social media involvement. Your stakeholders (employees, facebook and twitter followers, etc.) can be invited to like your collaboration with the Art World BY NOVEMBER 10TH.


One of the most prestigious Corporate Art Awards is at stake.

External communication

Companies can inform their press contacts that their Art project has been selected for inclusion into the 2016 International Corporate Art Awards, organized by pptArt in collaboration with LUISS Business School and the Italian Ministry of Culture. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to write a joint press release

Involvement of artists

The two-day seminar in Rome on Nov. 23-24 will also be the occasion for the launch of the Corporate Art manifesto and the Corporate Art movement. If you have worked with internationally recognised artists who may be interested to sign the Corporate Art manifesto and get international visibility, feel free to send their contact details to Luca Desiata, Professor of Corporate Art at the LUISS Business School in Rome.

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